Communication improvements for AIESEC Bristol

Together with Neha, another fellow member of AIESEC Bristol, I tried to think of improvements for communication channels, such as Facebook, Twitter as well as collaborative working with Googledocs. These tools are all very easy-to-use and are extremely useful for any kind of organization with little hierarchical structure.

The combination of these tools is key as I am speaking of a student organization that is permanently in flux and responsibilities are changing (And yes, I admit, unfortunately also often unclear).

Here are some points we proposed and try to implement (and did it already to some extent):

  • Twitter is linked to “AIESEC Bristol Work Abroad”-Facebook-Person via Selective Twitter Status. Invitations to meetings and conferences show up on Facebook Status and on the @aiesecbristol-Twitteraccount. This Account is also a substitute for an AIESEC-Bristol-Homepage (there is none) and if interested people google “AIESEC Bristol” they find the Twitteraccount and see what is going on. This is a simple step towards an extension of external marketing!
  • I promoted to work with googledocs, as unfortunately lots of planning is done via Facebook-messaging or the ****-Facebook-Wall. Collaborative working/Projectmanagment is easy with googledocs and many people already have a gmail-Account. BUT I am aware that this is the trickiest part: to make new members (lots of people from AIESEC-Bristol are!) aware that AIESEC is partly quite professional, and YES, a Facebook-message is an easy thing, but if more and more people join a certain project, Facebook-based projectmanagement becomes messy and very inefficient.
  • …with the mailing-list it is also possible to share googledocs with all the members of the mailing-list. This can be used when organizing T-Shirts (I mention T-Shirts, because organizing them always turned out to be quite messy for AIESEC-Hannover, as well as Bristol) or for applications to events (simply by sharing a spreadsheet or form). 25 people are on the mailing list so far, and it should be used exclusively the next weeks. Millions of mailadresses in the recipient-field is OUT!
  • Also, with this mailing-list/googlegroup it is possible to reach all members easily and share other network or not-network-related issues, offers, events etc. — a market place!

Check out the presentation of this AIESEC-meeting from almost a month ago. The Layout is a bit messy, I admit, but hope you can get the gist.

(Click on image)

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