“Bristrouble” Wrap-Up and Closing

OK, with a melancholic voice I say: “Bristol time is over.”

This Blog was, like my usual habit, not so much about personal stuff, Bristol itself etc…but more about other things that inspired me while being in Bristol. I am a bad life-story blogger and I could never write a straight-forward public-diary-kind-of-thing.

Well, what the title “Bristrouble” meant, I already explained. But, to offer another interpretation, it also means that even being abroad I have troubles with the standard, bloggy “I am here and see what I do”-Blogpost. For some unknown reasons, I rather write little essays, that are a bit complicated…anyway, that’s me.

Also, in the end I did not blog that often anymore, meaning I had other and better things to do…and that is surely a good sign! It is now 12 posts in total, and this seems much to me, as this means one blog post every 2 weeks (plus some other on my other blog). I did not expect that, and it means that blogging becomes like a habit to me — isn’t this a good sign for some steadiness in my web-activities?

OK, logging out. Good Bye. Check out my other blog.

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